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Protect Your Downside!

- June 15th

Since 2000 the stock market has experienced two catastrophic drops, one close to 50% and the next nearly 60%. Is it possible that another major market drop will occur in the next few years? Is your portfolio ready for it? If you’re at or near retirement, nothing is more important to your savings and investment strategy than planning a smart financial defense.

History Repeats Itself!

- June 30th

Knowing how the stock market works historically is critically important to the savings and investment choices you’re making right now!

Reality or Hype?

- July 15th

Wall Street’s “cheerleaders” will always say that the stock market always recovers. History and economic basics say we probably have six to 10 more years of a secular bear market with another major drop around the corner? What can you do to protect yourself?

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