David Stearns

David Stearns

Founder, Stearns Retirement Group

David is the founder of Stearns Retirement Group. For over 20 years he has specialized in helping retirees and those approaching retirement achieve their long-term financial goals. He understands the anxieties that many people face as they consider how to best preserve and distribute the savings they’ve worked so hard to accumulate. David helps take the guesswork out of financial planning and provides real numbers and real solutions to help secure funds for the long term.

Studies consistently show that the greatest fear people have as they approach retirement is the prospect of outliving their money. That’s why David focuses on strategies specifically designed to help reduce the risk of spending down your principal and better ensure you’ll have reliable income for as long as you need it. He uses his knowledge, experience, and resources to help prepare and coordinate all the variables in your retirement so that your funds will outlive you.

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