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Preserving Your Assets

We understand the value of every dollar protected – precisely because we understand how hard our clients worked to earn it. In today’s market, many brokers simply suggest “staying the course” at any cost. In the wake of roller coaster stock market ups and downs, this kind of financial insanity has left many honest, hard-working Americans wondering how to more conservatively preserve and help grow their retirement savings to make it last.

We implement proven, low-risk strategies to help protect your assets and your financial future.

Preservation First

Many brokers believe that risk is necessary and unavoidable, and should simply be seen as an acceptable part of playing the retirement planning game. At Stearns Retirement Group, we refuse to play the “game” with our clients’ portfolios. Instead, we implement proven, low-risk strategies to help preserve their assets and their financial future.

Investing for Income and Growth

We believe our client’s investments should create consistent, reliable income throughout retirement. With this financial planning goal in mind, our strategy for each client revolves around the idea of generating the income necessary for our clients to enjoy a comfortable retirement, without sacrificing their current lifestyle. By investing in more conservative, time-frame committed options that helps generate a steady 3 to 7 percent return; we are helping to ensure the growth and capital appreciation our clients deserve.

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Peace of Mind

Retirement should be full of confidence and enjoyment, not worry. We understand that financial security is directly related to our client’s peace of mind. Through open communication and a solid, more conservative approach, we are able to take the “worry” out of retirement planning and help ensure our client’s do not lose sleep over their financial future.

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