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Are you ready to take your retirement to the next level?

Our specialty is to help generate income from your investments, so you can have the retirement YOU deserve.

Because your money doesn’t retire, YOU do!

Sound Income Group at the NYSE

On February 24, 2023, David Stearns joined David Scranton and Sound Income Group in ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange.


Sound Income Group is the parent company of our Registered Investment Advisory firm, Sound Income Strategies, and our Retirement Income Source franchise.

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Our philosophy at Stearns Retirement Group is that we are the coaches here to assist you in identifying and working toward your financial goals. Our seven-step educational process helps you identify your objectives and develop strategies to help you achieve them, while also better ensuring that you avoid common mistakes and are well-prepared for potential challenges along the way.

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Tools for your Estate and Tax planning needs. Our clients have many diverse estate and tax issues that they may...

Stearns Retirement Group provides retirement planning services designed to educate clients as to their best options for meeting their current

Tax Planning for Income. The goal of income tax planning is to help minimize your federal income tax liability.

At Stearns Retirement Group, we know that managing your money wisely means being knowledgeable about your options. That’s why we place a heavy emphasis on financial education. This focus on education, along with our more conservative approach to planning and saving for retirement, are just a couple of reasons why we’ve become a Retirement Income Source.

As a Retirement Income Source, we are backed by the strength and resources of a nationwide network of Income Specialists.

Retirement Income Source was founded by David J. Scranton, a pioneering expert in income-generating savings and investment strategies designed to help protect your retirement savings and generate reliable interest and dividend income regardless of market conditions.

What This Means for You, Our Loyal Clients:

As a Retirement Income Source, the team at Stearns Retirement Group is committed to helping you:

  • Lower the risk to your retirement savings from economic uncertainties
  • Reduce, and possibly eliminate, your exposure to stock market risk
  • Establish renewable streams of income you can count on throughout retirement

Our premium services are designed

to help maximize your retirement resources.

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