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Dave Stearns – President, Investment Advisor RepresentativeDave Stearns is the founder of Stearns Retirement Group. He has specialized with the particular needs of retirees and those approaching retirement for over 20 years. Dave’s approach to freedom and safety in retirement are both refreshing and realistic. He understands the anxieties that many are facing when they consider preserving and distributing their retirement funds. Dave takes the guesswork out of the financial picture and provides real numbers with real solutions to secure funds for the long term.

Often the greatest fear for those in retirement is outliving one’s hard-earned funds, but Dave uses his expertise, training, and gifts to prepare and coordinate all the variables in your retirement so that your funds will outlive you.

Dave earned a B.S. from the School of Technology at Purdue University. As a result of meaningful changes in his life while in college, he served for four years in campus ministry at the University of Georgia. Upon completion of his campus ministry tenure, Dave entered the financial services industry where he has excelled in helping hundreds of men and women approach retirement with dignity and confidence. Dave and his talented wife Shelley have seven fun-loving children and love to serve Christ wherever they may be.
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Frank Beedle specializes in addressing the healthcare variables that we all face in retirement. It’s important to have an effective plan for approaching how we will pay for our healthcare needs–and even more so during our retirement.

Focus on Healthcare in the Retirement Years
The average 65+ American visits a health care provider 8 times per year. Studies show the average couple needs a lump sum of $293,000 to cover what Medicare leaves behind for the stage of life at age 65 and beyond. That figure represents an alarming risk to income and assets during retirement.

Frank has made it his goal to research and offer the best protection for your health care needs moving forward throughout retirement. He will assess your current coverage (if applicable) and compare the summary of benefits with competitors to reveal the best fit for you based on your needs. Frank will help you move forward with confidence as it relates to your health care needs.

Determining Your Social Security Strategy
For many people, their Social Security benefit represents their largest financial asset. This is not something to approach lightly. There are many questions to consider when determining your strategy: When should I begin? How can I maximize it? How can I know which strategy will fit best with my goals? How does my spouse or ex-spouse’s benefit affect mine? How does the new law (The Bi-Partisan Act) passed in November 2015 change my approach? These are just a few of the things taken into consideration when we educate and advise you regarding your best way forward in claiming Social Security benefits. This service is included in the No Obligation Retirement Review.

Frank earned a B.S. from Georgia Southern University in Public Relations. Directly after college, he served for several years with a campus ministry and has a heart to serve others with integrity and compassion. Frank and his beautiful wife Tanya live in Athens and have three exceptional kids and two average dogs.

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